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Standard Conditions

The following are conditions applying to anyone on misdemeanor probation in St. Johns County, Florida

 A.        No later than the due date of each month, you will make a full and truthful report to your Probation Officer on the form provided for that purpose.

B.        You will pay to Probation Plus the amount of Fifty ($50.)Dollars per month toward the cost of your supervision unless otherwise waived in compliance with Florida Statutes.

C.        You will not change your residence or employment or leave the county of your residence without first procuring the consent of your Probation Officer.

 D.        You will not possess, carry or own any firearms or any other weapons without first procuring the consent of your Probation Officer.

 E.         You will live and remain at liberty without violating any law.  A conviction in a court of law shall not be necessary in order for such a violation to constitute a violation of your probation.

F.         You will submit to urinalysis, breathalyzer, or blood test at any time requested by your Probation Officer, or the professional staff of any treatment center where you are receiving treatment, to determine possible use of alcohol, drugs, or controlled substances. You shall be required to pay for such tests unless otherwise waived by your Probation Officer.

 G.        You will work diligently at a lawful occupation, advise your employer of your supervision status and support your dependents to the best of your ability, as directed by your Probation Officer.

 H.        You will promptly and truthfully answer all inquires directed to you by the Court or the Probation Officer, and allow the Officer visit in your home, at your employment site or elsewhere, and you will comply with all instructions the Officer may give you.

             You will comply with the Special Conditions as indicated on the Order of Probation.