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Community Service

Community Service as a Condition of Probation

Prior to starting your community service hours you must fill out a form provided by your officer and pay a nominal  fee. You will be given a special form to record the hours you work. We will provide you with a list of possible work sites to chose from. When you finish the required number of hours you must return the original form to your officer.

Community Service to Pay Court Cost

If you meet the requirements you and your officer can petition the court for a modification to perform community service to pay some court costs and fines. Turn in completed hours form to your officer.

Buy-out Community Service 

If you are unable to do community service to meet a condition of your probation you and your officer can petition the court to convert community service to money.

Community Service for a Ticket (without Probation)

If you have a signed order to do community service to pay off a ticket or fine and are not on probation you need to come to our office to fill out and receive the proper paperwork. The fee is $25. and can be paid by cash, money order, debit or credit card. If paying by debit or credit card, a processing fee will be added. The process is similar to other types of community service except the completed hours must be turned in 1 week before the court ordered due date to allow for processing.