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Your Intake Session – Check in at the front office and present your Photo I.D., proof of employment and your payment(s). You will be assigned an officer, go over all the conditions of your supervision and schedule your next appointment. It is recommended that children not be brought to this appointment.

Your Appointment

Know when your appointment is and arrive on time. Your officer may have to reschedule your appointment otherwise. If you must reschedule, do it as soon as possible. Your officer will ask about the progress of your conditions and answer any questions you have. It is very important that you fully understand what is expected of you.

Calling your Officer

Limit calls to urgent information and rescheduling. Please speak clearly and introduce yourself by first and last name. Quickly and briefly state your reason for calling so we can help you quickly.  Other communication should wait until your appointment.

*Please note – we do not have voice mail and the front office staff cannot answer questions about your case.

Class Sign-up Dates

If you have been given a limited amount of time to sign up for a class you must show proof of signing up prior to that date. Failure to sign up within the time limit may put you in violation.

Condition Completion Dates 

Most conditions have a completion date. This date is not flexible. Conditions not completed may put you in violation of your probation.

Proof of Completion

When you complete a condition it is your responsibility to provide a certificate of completion to your officer. A condition is not complete until proof is provided.