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Anti-Theft Program

Classes are open to ages twelve (12) and above.

Non-refundable Registration fee: $50.

(payable by cash, money order, debit or credit card)

Sessions are held one Saturday a month.

Sign up is available through Probation Plus front office. There is a maximum seating capacity. It is suggested participants register as soon as possible to avoid any additional legal or probation problems.

Arrive on time, late entries will not be admitted.

Corrective training programs were developed to address the continually increasing need for rehabilitative alternatives to service the criminal justice system. Our purpose is to provide interactive group sessions which demand the acceptance of responsibility and consequences for one’s actions while thoroughly explaining:

  1. Laws, enforcement and penalties for committing theft or fraud.
  2. Life management and problem solving skills.
  3. Prior consideration of possible / probable negative consequences.
  4. Benefits of positive / productive decision making.
  5. Seriousness and permanent effects of criminal record.
  6. Acknowledgement that the choice to steal will become known to all.
  7. Development of personal plans to prevent future illegal actions.

This program is provided by: Probation Plus   824-8383

Program is held at: 665 State Road 207  #107 St. Augustine, FL 32084