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Serenity, Integrity, Goals, Hope, Trust

A program of EPIC Behavioral Health Care

1400 Old Dixie Highway

(904) 829-2273

The SIGHT program has two phases. Phase One is a 90 day jail intervention program. Completing the SIGHT program will depend on how responsible you are in following EPICs expectations and your weekly attendance. Phase Two is 16 weeks with 32 treatment sessions.

1. Intervention

  • Before your release date, you and your counselor will complete a pre-group packet.
  • You must report to EPIC Behavioral Healthcare within 48 hours of your release from jail. If for some reason you’re unable to report within that period, you must call EPIC and let them know.
  • When you arrive at EPIC, let the front desk know that you’re in the SIGHT program. You will be assigned a Primary Counselor. Your  (one-to-one) Intake appointment with your primary counselor will be confirmed. You must keep your intake appointment or you will be out of compliance and denied services until your intake is complete.
  • You will have a one-to-one with your counselor every 30 days. It is up to you to make sure that these meetings occur. Not having your one-to-one can extend the time you are in treatment.
  • You will be expected to attend all groups while you are waiting for your one-to-one with your counselor.
  • Cancellation / Late Policy: You must give EPIC 24 hour notice of your inability to attend an individual session. If you think you are going to be late to a group, you must notify either your primary counselor or the group counselor 30 minutes before your group is scheduled to begin. If allowed by the counselor, you can then be admitted until 5 minute past the group start time.

2. Treatment – Self Help Groups AA/NA

  • You will be expected to attend 3 AA or NA meetings each week. Failure to complete all meetings will delay your exit. You are required to turn in your documentation each week.
  • Church attendance and documentation is allowed to count for 1 meeting per week. Provide information on the name of the church, when you attended, and something about the message of the day.
  • Working with a sponsor will count as one attendance.
  • If you have difficulties in attending required AA/NA/Alanon support groups speak with your primary counselor for assistance.

Therapeutic Groups

  • In Treatment you will be expected to attend 2 groups each week.
  • S/A Group – Tuesday and Thursday- 5:30 pm to 6:30pm
  • Please to arrive a half hour before the start of all of your groups.
  • Group rules are posted, and you are responsible to know what they are and to follow them. Failure to follow the group rules can be cause for expulsion from the group.
  • If group schedule is difficult for you to attend, speak to your primary counselor for assistance.

Drug Screens

  • While in treatment, you will be given random drug screens. You must comply immediately with a request from an EPIC staff person to supply a urine sample. Failure to comply will be interpreted as a positive result.
  • Test results that indicate the presence of drugs or alcohol will be reported to the States Attorney Office and/or your Probation Officer.
  • A positive test will be reviewed and may result in termination from the program.

Financial Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for keeping current with your program fees. Payment is $67.50 per week for the duration of the program. You must communicate about your financial situation with EPIC. You will be unable to exit unless your financial obligations have been met. Please inform EPIC if you are on Social Security Disability.
  • You cannot be more than two weeks behind in your fees.
  • At intake and every month thereafter, a financial agreement will be reviewed and a sliding scale adjusted based on documented (written) income.